Endoscopic оr re-do weight loss surgical procedures

We offer placement of intragastric balloon in patients with Body Mass Index between 31.0 and 34.0 or in super obese patients with Body Mass Index over 56.0 or in patients with Morbid Obesity, who are contraindicated for General Anaesthesia. That is a camera by mouth procedure not a surgery! It is performed under General Anaesthesia and the stay is 24 hours after placement of the balloon. It should be removed from stomach 6 months later again under General Anaesthesia, but no stay in the Hospital is needed. The price of placement and removal of the balloon is 1200 Euro.

We offer revisional surgery after Sleeve Gastrectomy in patients for regain of weight or worsening of reflux symptoms. The price for the procedure is 4800 Euro and stay in the Hospital is included in the price.

We offer also revisional surgery in patients with problems after Lap-Band placement as: laparoscopic adjustment of the Band, removal of the Band or reversal from Lap-Band to Gastric bypass. The price of those procedures varies between 2300 and 4600 Euro.